Analytical Services

The R&D unit of Catalysts has DSIR accreditation, ISO 9001:2015 certification and is actively involved in offering Solutions and Quality Testing Services for Sugar, Starch, Grain, Malt, Molasses, and Brewing industries.The list of services offered are:

Application Lab

Analysis of raw materials and process development

  • Physical & biochemical analysis of grain, molasses, cane juice / syrup & process water
  • Application study for sugar extraction and ethanol fermentation
  • Enzymatic application on cane juice for dextran and starch reduction
  • Process study of malt (grist) mashing and extraction
  • Stability studies of enzyme-based formulation & products

Microbiology Lab

Microbiological assays for raw materials, ingredients & products

  • Antimicrobial activity analysis through disc diffusion, well diffusion, broth dilution, and multi-titre 96 well plate assays
  • MIC, MBC, and FIC evaluation
  • Raw material and product quality assays (TVC, TPC and Pathogens)
  • Dose and potency determination of antimicrobial and enzyme
  • Antimicrobial agents’ identification
  • Biological & microbiological analysis of raw water and industrial effluents/discharge

Biochemistry Lab

Biochemical analysis of raw materials& process samples

  • Physico-chemical analysis of enzymes
  • Determination of Protein, Starch, Sugar etc.
  • Activity analysis of industrial enzymes

Fermentation Lab

Optimization of fermentation process and scale-up

  • Fermentation media optimization
  • Enzymes application
  • Enzymes and anti-microbial dosage optimization
  • Yeast and bacterial kinetic study

Instrumentation Lab

Chemicals & Bio-chemicals profiling of raw materials & process samples via HPLC & GC

  • Sugar profiling in molasses, cane juice / syrup, grains etc.
  • Organic acids profiling
  • Alcohols profiling
  • By-products estimation
  • Toxic compounds identification

Water Management Lab

Physiochemical Analysis of Water and Industrial Effluents

  • Determination of COD, BOD, hardness, alkalinity, and solids
  • Determination of major organic and inorganic constituents
  • Treatability and recycling studies of industrial effluents
  • Application studies for enhancing biogas production with various feedstocks (Pressmud, bagasse, spent-wash etc.)

Customer Support

Our Customer Support Team is dedicated and experienced, with a combined experience of over 100 years. They are fully aware of the industrial processes, needs and pain points, which allows them to provide unmatched support.

Our team’s deep understanding of industry processes allows them to provide customized and implementable solutions

Following Customer Support Services are offered by our team:
  • Lab-scale application support
  • Lab to plant level scale-up
  • On-site process support
  • Data mining and troubleshooting
  • Process and products optimization

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