Advancing Sugar Processing: The Role of Enzymes

Sugar processing serves as the backbone of various food and beverage products, with refined sugar being a staple in our daily lives. Transforming raw materials like sugar cane or sugar beets into the refined sugar

Leveraging Enzymes for Sustainable Wastewater Treatment: A Comprehensive Exploration

Waste water treatment is a critical aspect of environmental stewardship and public health protection. As the global population grows and industrial activities expand

Unleashing the Potential of Agri residue for Green Energy CBG (Compressed Biogas) Revolution

Renewable energy stands as our guide to a cleaner, greener future, countering the looming threat of climate change. With rising temperatures and the Specter of extreme weather events

Biggest Myth: All Yeasts strains are same

In the world of sugarcane processing and distilleries, yeast plays a critical role in ethanol production from molasses and grain feedstocks. While many people may assume that all yeast strains are the same


India is the 4th largest producer of ethanol after United States of America (USA), China, and Brazil having more than 300 distilleries with a production capacity of about 3.2 billion liters mainly by fermentation of sugarcane molasses.

The Vital Role of Yeast in the Microbrewery Industry: A Symphony of Fermentation and Flavor

In the world of craft brewing, the art of creating unique and flavourful beers is a constant pursuit. One of the unsung heroes in this journey is yeast. Yeast is a microorganism that plays a pivotal role in the brewing process

Unparalleled Importance of Enzymes in the Brewing Industry

The art of brewing, with its rich history dating back millennia, has evolved into a sophisticated science. The brewing industry, characterized by its diverse range of beverages from beer to spirits, relies on a combination

The Crucial Role of Enzymes in the Brewing Industry and Their Significance

The art of brewing beer is as old as civilization itself, with its origins dating back thousands of years. In the modern era, brewing has evolved into a science, and the role of enzymes in the brewing industry

Usage of Enzymes in Ethanol Fermentation

Enzymes Fueling the Biofuel Boom: Ethanol Fermentation at the Heart of the Industry The demand for ethanol has surged in recent years thanks to the steady rise in biofuel industry. In 2022, global biofuel demand was expected to be 110 billion liters per year compared to 2021, 103 billion liters per year.

Use of Enzymes in Industrial Application

Enzymes are indispensable in a range of industrial applications, playing a pivotal role in processes such as sugarcane processing, ethanol fermentation, and industrial and craft brewing. In the sugarcane industry,

Types of Enzymes

Enzymes, those remarkable biological molecules, come in a wide variety, each tailored to perform specific tasks within living organisms. These specialized proteins act as catalysts, accelerating chemical reactions that are essential for life. In this article, we'll delve into the different types of enzymes and the roles they play.

What are Enzymes?

Enzymes have been indispensable players in the world of biology for centuries. These remarkable molecules, made of proteins, are nature's own catalysts, speeding up biochemical reactions and enabling life as we know it. In this article, we'll explore the basics of enzymes, their composition, and their diverse applications, including their role in ethanol fermentation.

Alternate Feed Stock For Ethanol Production

Due to its favorable effects on the environment, ethanol is among the most interesting biofuels. Currently, it is primarily made from raw materials that contain sugar and starch. A feedstock for ethanol can be almost any plant-based substance.

Improvement of Condensate Polishing Unit in Alcohol Distillery using OxzyTreat

The condensate generated from the multiple effect evaporators (MEE) of alcohol distilleries is loaded with high chemical oxygen demand (COD) and volatile acids (VA). Generally, Condensate Polishing Unit (CPU) based on anaerobic-aerobic process

The Key Parameters to Optimize Biogas Production

Utilization of byproducts is key to the sustainability of any industry and creation of wealth is gaining momentum from industrial waste/byproducts. Generation of biogas using anaerobic digestion is one such best innovations and has been seen as an alternate source to petroleum products.

Why Enzymes are Important in Malt Extraction?

Enzymes functions as a catalyst that speeds up the rate of reactions. These organic substances accelerate the chemical reactions and retain their composition even after completing the reaction. The enzymes play a key role in the process of mashing

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